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Huntertown family finds treasure

Treasureby Tamara Lyons
Features Editor

HUNTERTOWN – Last week’s clue was all Erika Whedon and her sons, Trevor and Josh, needed to quickly pinpoint the area where the treasure was hidden.
On Aug. 7 the Whedons found the hidden film canister in an evergreen tree by the pavilion at Our Hope Lutheran Church and claimed the $318.37 check at the Lima Road Dentistry.
The family started searching for the prize after the second clue was announced.    Erika’s husband, Mike, and her parents Gordon and Ursula Knott of Fort Wayne also helped in the hunt.
The last clue stated the treasure was north of the town’s street namesake and that while hiding the canister the doc lost some blood.

“We figured it was in something sharp,” Erika Whedon said.
They also deduced the treasure must also be located north of Hunter Road.
The Whedons snooped around a number of bushes in the area before finding the canister hanging on a tree branch.
“I was just afraid someone was going to come out and say ‘what are you doing?’” she said.
The brothers split the money, half of which their parents made them put into savings. Trevor Whedon, a seventh-grader at Carroll Middle School, bought Oakley sunglasses with his winnings and Josh, a third-grader at Huntertown Elementary School, plans to buy Legos and a video game with his share.
The treasure hunt was held in conjunction with the Huntertown Heritage Days Festival.

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